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The two most important factors for planting and nursing decorative trees are the quality of the soil and the type of climate. The soil and the climate must be close and similar in both: region of planting and nursery and region of supply. The quality of the soil enriched with high volume of clay at the land under concession in Macedonia and the climate type, offer great prospects for planting and nursery of decorative trees. In addition, the soil and the climate at the planting region are very similar to the regions where decorative trees are exported (Balkan countries, Ukraine, Russia and Turkey). The proximity to clients is likewise crucial for transportation and delivery purposes and for providing quality supply of decorative trees as well.

The surroundings of the location, the climate and the soil, allows us to grow our decorative trees with extremely compact root ball and very strong and resistible plant. The temperatures in the nursery in summer time can reach up to +40⁰C and in winter -20⁰C which makes our trees sustainable in various climate types.


European Plants is working very close with the Netherlands Embassy in Macedonia and it has donated more than 10.000 “Buxus” trees for building a labyrinth park in the city park of Skopje. The company has also been included in the donation for the city of Tetovo for developing the green areas and decoration of the main streets and surroundings. Other projects include:

  • Donation for the city of Ohrid for the Den Dollard Park of 5.000 decorative trees;

  • Donation for the city of Tirana.

  • Donation of the city of Tetovo

  • Donation of the city of Skopje for the “City Labyrinth”

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